What People Are Saying

"I just got rejuvenated by Maud during our session today. When she puts her hands above my body, I tingle with energy and love! Her wisdom and insight is amazing! She literally peels away layers of anxiety and stress and redirects my energy to be used in a positive direction. Run, don't walk to Maud-she is marvelous!

-L. H.

"You are a very gifted, compassionate, and wonderful person, and the intuitive healing session I had with you was beyond words amazing. Not only do you have your ways to heal as you work the energy body, you also provided tools for me to work with and work on my own healing. Best of both worlds. I look forward to having another one in a near future!
Thank you Maud!"

"The best healing I've ever felt on so many different levels I cannot even put into words. For real. I feel good. Perfectly good."



"I really have to give you a huge THANK YOU for all the work you've been doing with me in my life. It's definitely been on point, whether we are talking about the energy in my own body, channeling, or just the energies in general.  And it's been SOOO detailed!"



"Maud specifically pinpointed areas in my life that have been on my mind. She knew about certain people and situations that I haven’t discussed with her. I didn’t have to tell her anything. She told me, validating the things I am doing and giving advice to help me along the way. She felt where I was holding emotional pain and helped me to release it. It was an incredible experience. Thank you so much, Maud"