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Gentle, Moderate or Private?

Maud's Gentle Yoga Class is a perfect introduction to Yoga, and a wonderful class for students of all ages and abilities. Opportunities for modifications are available as well as chances to deepen poses.
Moderate classes are often faster paced with Sun Salutations and long holds which require a deeper level of fitness and strength.
Private sessions are a wonderful way to determine what type of class fits your need. They are recommended for students with limited ability and special modification needs or anyone wanting to explore poses in depth and with support.


What is Kripalu Yoga?

Kripalu Yoga is a practice in personal alignment-in body, mind, and spirit. It serves as a platform to bring awareness and reverence to the body, to the breath, and also to the nature of the mind. In developing awareness of, and connection to self, a person's life can become a beautiful expression of love and inner peace. Maud's practice involves brief seated meditations, breath work practices and a creative sequence of asanas, or yoga poses. There is much focus on postural alignment and safety, and general connection to the body.

The benefits of Yoga are many, please come and try a class. All are welcome!


Private Sessions
Do you have limitations that keep you from attending a traditional class? Do you need modifications in order for yoga to work for you? Schedule a one on one session and learn proper alignment designed for your needs.

$50 single session

$225 5 sessions

Current Schedule

I am currently teaching 5 classes a week at the Jensen Center in Amherst Wisconsin and at the Yoga Hive in Waupaca. 

For information about current classes, please check the following schedules. Jensen Center Classes are $12 for drop-in and $80 for 8 classes.

I want to make sure that this class is accessible to anyone interested. If the cost of Yoga or other offerings feels like too much for you, please reach out and we can work out a reasonable exchange.

Group Classes
Is your group or work place looking for a centering or bonding activity that is sure to lift spirits and calm the mind? Schedule a group class today!

$80 single session (up to 8 people)

$95 single session (10 or more people)

$400 5 sessions

Additional fee may be required for mats and props.


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