Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching

In an in person session you will be on a massage table and I will begin at your feet and clear and connect with your energy body. From there we work through the chakras to clear and balance any snags or blocked energy. Oftentimes intuitive clues, channeled guidance, and messages from deceased loved ones come through during a session. Because healing sessions are co-created, they are always appropriate to the client.  The openness and willingness to connect and heal is proportional to the amount of healing that is received. Working via Zoom or other online meeting format is also a wonderful and effective way to connect. I am happy to accommodate your needs.

There are many benefits from energy work: including releasing past trauma and pain, without the rawness of reliving it or even speaking it; relieving physical pain; easing questions about life and the future and supporting a sense of connection and well being.  Oftentimes clients have a stronger sense of purpose or direction.


Clients report feeling lighter, calmer, and clearer, and experience residual benefits for days or weeks. Maud works with several repeat clients, and coaching tends to come through the on going work. Incredible benefits have come through working with repeat clients-and it tends to be deep sustainable change-and a much greater sense of peace. Oftentimes the releasing of unhelpful patterns and habits of thinking or feeling result, opening up room for desired changes and manifestations.

Energy centers and streams within our bodies have been mapped out by various Eastern medical practices and reiki and other forms of energy healing are even recognized by an increasing number of top hospitals in the US and abroad. In Indian or Ayurvedic Practices, Chakras and Nadis are decribed by Yogis and healing arts practitioners. Chakras are 7 energy wheels or centers situated along the spine, from the root or tailbone to the crown, radiating above the head. Nadis are small streams of energy that bring healing to all of the cells in the body.