About Maud

Welcome! I am a lover of life and it is my deepest joy to work with others to find their richest connections and most fulfilling life experiences.  Through years of meditation practice, yoga, and energy healing, intuitive gifts began surfacing more clearly and it has become evident that they're meant to be shared. My path was to heal, to create peace in my own life, and from that, the virtues that allow me to offer this sacred and special work developed.  I did not seek to be a "knower" or a "seer," I sought peace, better relationships and more love in all forms. My daily practice now is to choose peace and relaxation, connection to the moment happening right now. That is, after all, where the living happens.

I began my spiritual explorations as a young teenager studying astrology, numerology, and more-and engaging a never ending fascination with people.  Inspired by Buddhism and Eastern Religions, I began to study and practice Yoga and meditation over 15 years ago. Not long after, I was introduced to Energy Healing as well as The Law of Attraction practices and wisdom. Although empathy and sensitivity have been hallmarks of my personality forever, I didn't connect with all of my gifts so vividly until I had spent a good amount of time healing my own wounds, and freeing my mind from the repetitive and often harmful thoughts that were interfering with a more aligned connection with spirit/universe/God...The fulfillment and healing that I have experienced from sharing and enjoying these intuitive gifts go far beyond what my words can describe. I would love to work with you to assist you in opening your gifts as well.

Some of the intuitive gifts that I share are mediumship, channeling, physical energetic healing, and many of the "clairs" -clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.  We all have these types of gifts-our own unique selection, usually. Through my own practice and meditation, these gifts continue to become more honed and effective. The results of sharing them with others has been nothing short of amazing.  One on one sessions evolve on their own-sometimes calling for more physical healing, other times, we work with emotional energetics, messages from loved ones-spirit leads, and I listen.

I love to offer intuitive readings, and physical healing using energy therapies, but what brings the most fulfillment is a combination of intuitive work and coaching. There is no greater gift than witnessing someone empower themselves to achieve their heart's desires. I am honored to share this work with others.